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These are a selection of some of the recipe and nutrition/reference books that either I have myself and/or have used at some point and thoroughly recommend. Some of the titles I own or have used are not 100% vegan – some are vegetarian cookbooks which contain vegan recipes or have recipes which can be easily adapted. I have separated the list accordingly. There’s also the odd omnivorous cookbook in there to, which, as with the vegetarian ones, either have some already vegan or vegan adaptable recipes – so there’s also a list of these.

If there’s any good titles which I’ve missed out then feel free to make any recommendations!


Veganomicon Isa Chandra and Leo Romero

Isa Does It Isa Chandra

Thrive Energy CookbookBrendan Brazier

THUG Kitchen 2 Party GrubThug Kitchen

Party VeganRobin Robertson



River Cottage Veg Everyday!Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Leon: Fast Vegetarian Henry Dimbleby and Jane Baxter



Leon: Naturally Fast FoodHenry Dimbleby and John Vincent

Leon: Ingredients & RecipesAllegra McEvedy

Ross Dobson’s Wholefood KitchenRoss Dobson

The Surf Cafe CookbookJane and Myles Lamberth



How Not To DieMichael Greger with Gene Stone



2 thoughts on “Bookshelf

  1. “The Surf Cafe Cookbook” looks beautiful. Thanks!

    1. No worries! Yep, it’s really nicely designed and has some good ideas!

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