Yew! Welcome! Aloha!

Inspired by the marriage of two of my biggest passions, surfing and plant-based foodThe Salty Vegan aims to help you make achieving and maintaining a successful plant-based diet – or a diet that is simply more plant-based – both easier and more exciting.

Through a mixture of experience-backed advice, info and resources, and a growing collection of original recipes, The Salty Vegan hopes to demonstrate to you:

  • The diversity and possibilities of vegan food.
  • How a well planned vegan diet can help keep you super-energised for, and help you recover from, surfing and other physically demanding pursuits/lifestyles.
  • That not all vegan food needs to be as hard and as time-consuming to prepare, or as expensive to buy, as most people seem to think!

The Salty Vegan will also journal my adventures and discoveries outside of the kitchen – those which take place along the coastlines and within the waters of this amazing planet – and share a carefully curated selection of mind-nourishing, thought-provoking and stoke-inducing content from like-minded people!

I hope you’ll join The Salty Vegan for the ride!

(If you’re interested in knowing more about my choice to become vegan you can read more here…)


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